Feniqia was created jointly with the Khan Al-Saboun.

Feniqia is a group of beauty industry professionals involved in creating high-performance products and services. Through our products, we inspire people and spread a culture concerned with returning to nature and enabling them to unleash their personal advantage through a modern and distinctive set of natural products for cosmetic and skin care.

We start from the beauty of purple, which the Phoenicians were famous for and spread over the Mediterranean and then to the world. It is an authentic culture mixed with originality, history and youthful spirit.

Our products are rich in its expertise from the secrets of the Hassoun family since 1480 in the manufacture of natural cosmetics. Feniqia cooperates with Dr. Bader Hassoun and his team of professionals to stay at the forefront of technological and creative developments, while providing access to all products and benefits for everyone.

Educating and spreading the culture of healthy and organic products is the core of our mission. Feniqia, a brand with a global network, is the cornerstone of a unique and strong relationship with beauty makers. Diversity of talent, creativity, art, and knowledge sharing is at the core of the brand. We inspire ourselves by the long tradition of making organic materials at Khan Al-Saboun and we thrive to inspire people.

Feniqia, inspiring youth, they are passionate about diversity and uniqueness, and encourage everyone to highlight, claim and enjoy their uniqueness.
It is a culture of renewable life.