It is the product of our craftsmen who are more passionate about their motherland, which has seen the emergence of trades and the flourishing of trade: The Fenicia group docks on your table to sail you into a Phoenician history to be re-listed.
Our choice among our five perfumes gives it a concentrated extract of aromatic flowers, olive blossoms, and rosemary, which were the keys to an Antiquity culture that took care of the appeal and well-being of our ancestors.

Fenicia is the fruit of organic plantations, some of which are harvested into a healthy combination in a unique ecological kitchen. The originality of Fenicia is woven into the hands of our pioneering ladies, who pull their solid will from their homes to transform local plants into a Phoenician privilege adapted to our modern styles.

Each of these women, with their own skills, “Alessar” Phoenician created from the nil an undeniable impact. This effect has become your inspiration.
“fenicia” is your passage towards a sensual brilliance that has matured the longest-selling experience in the world of perfume and the Lebanese environment Badr Hassoun.